About Me

Hi, I’m Christopher.

I’m a cyborg and self-described audio artist / sound designer.

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You’re still reading?

I suppose I’ll continue then…

I believe an audio artist is a person who works with sound and moulds it to form a story. I like to use sound the same way other people may express storytelling in dance, drawings, films, literature and many other ways.

I love every part of sound. I love the “colours” that can be created in synthesiser tones. I love when sound is used to form part of the bigger picture, like a performance or show. And of course, I love everything in between. What I love the most is developing acoustical properties of audio within a virtual environment and enhancing a real-world space.

I like wondering how a sound was created, how it developed and the outcome of it’s use. I like how other people see and interact with sound. I love the technologies that inspect, modulate and create sound.

I cannot fly. I do not have x-ray vision. I cannot run so fast that time itself reverses. In fact, I don’t have any super powers (or, at least, any that I know of).

What I can do though is make cool sounds. I like to bend sound, shape it, grow it until it becomes something with much more meaning than to simply exist. I like to give it purpose and show how truly awesome sound is.

People may believe that audio is simply something that has no significance and that I am just weird… This is fine too.

Oh, and I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with zombie apocalypse films. I also seem to lie about being a cyborg as well, as I am unfortunately not.