Hey, I'm Christopher Winter

You know that awesome sound you want?
I can make it

Email: christopherwinter@outlook.com

Twitter @Chriswinter92 Google+ +ChristopherWinter


I record, synthesise, create, manipulate, play with, bend, twist, break, fix and mix audio for video games and/or film, TV etc.

I also compose, record, mix and master music in my spare time. I may have an unhealthy obsession with zombie apocalypse films.

Selected Pieces

Recent Projects

Using Max/MSP to create a game audio sound engine, replicating realistic auditory spatialisation, for a Unity 3D based video game environment.

A collaboration with Zachary Johnson as a composer on a fun game called The Legend of Equip > Pants. Its a free download so check it out.

I was also the sound designer on the quirky, easy to learn, hard to master, game called Monster Men. Monster Men on greenmangaming.com