Thoughts, Showcases and Ideas from Christopher Winter

The Technology Barrier

We live in a technlology driven world now more than ever before in history. New ways to interact with devices have changed the way we use computer-based technology.


Binaural Location Experiment

A few years ago, I was experimenting with sound for VR. This was back when the first oculus rift development prototype had recently released. There was very limited documentation in the subject.

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The Old Radio Trick

One thing I've seen appearing more often is using newer technologies to mimic older technologies of times past. The most common I've seen is the fake radio player.


Plan An Audio Design Brief

Step one - Always have a plan. Step two - Always write down your plan.


HN Stone-Grey

The first soundscape from a new series of abstract pieces called HN. The HN series is named from an earlier use of the word hum, Hummen; meaning to drone or buzz.


Perlan Museum

One of the best instances I've seen using technology to drive guest interaction was when I visited the Perlan museum in Iceland.


My Refreshed Reaper Theme

As some of you may be aware, I have been using a custom theme for Reaper. I've recently refreshed this theme to make better use of my screen space.


Sound Of The Cicada

Ah, the soothing sound of the Cicada... Of course it may not sound relaxing, or even pleasant to hear. so why is it used within eastern anime such as the Japanese film The Girl Who Leapt Through Time? It's all down to culture.

Norwegian Canning Museum

The Norwegian Canning Museum has came up with an interesting way to disguise a device I typically hate, and I loved it!


It's Not Just About The Audio

Using audio in a considered approach is a great way to enhance a users experience but you must also be accommodating to users that cannot hear or have hearing problems.

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